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As everyone knows, the electronic logging device (“ELD”) Mandate goes into effect December 18 this year. Whether you operate one truck or a fleet of one thousand, your commercial vehicle must have one of these devices onboard for drivers to record their hours of service (HOS) information.

Yet there are many “little things” in everyday trucking operations that can complicate your use of ELDs — even leave you exposed to violations, if you are not careful — such as how to record yard moves when moving trucks from one place to another, or when maintenance technicians take vehicles out for test rides to confirm repairs are correctly made. Even personal conveyance, which is when a driver drops off a load and takes his or her rig home for the day, needs to be recorded properly by the ELD so as to stay in compliance with HOS rules.

Fleet Owner’s Editor-in-Chief Sean Kilcarr, along with a pair of guest speakers, will examine these critical issues and provide insights on how to utilize your ELDs to their maximum potential. Omnitracs, the industry leader in technology and compliance solutions, is sponsoring this webinar on ELD Do’s and Don’ts. David Heller, Vice President of Government Affairs for the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA), who has also served as the group’s director of safety and policy for 12 years, will provide a broad overview of the “little things” fleets and their drivers need to watch out for as they transition to daily ELD use. You’ll also get a fleet-level view of how to manage such issues from Lee Robledo, Vice President of Safety and Loss Control for National Freight Industries.

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