WHAT: Testing Your Cyber Defenses webinar

Last year, more than 700 data breaches occurred in the U.S. These breaches exposed more than 169 million records and compromised confidential and financial information for millions of individuals*.

Every trucking operation knows it needs strong cyber security measures to protect its data and information networks. But do your defenses measure up?

Don’t let your business become a statistic. Register today for the FREE Testing Your Cyber Defenses webinar.

Join Donald Frazier, senior vice president of information technology at Arpin Group, as he demonstrates how to test your cyber defenses to ensure they can withstand cyber attacks.

Donald Frazier
Senior Vice President of Information Technology
Arpin Group

Every moment that your data is unprotected is a moment that your entire operation is at risk. REGISTER TODAY for this critical webinar today!

*Source: Wells Fargo Dealer Services, “Preventing data theft and fraud,” Spring 2016

Telematics data is extremely valuable and therefore needs to be protected. Do you know if your data is secure? Learn about best practices for telematics cybersecurity and discover the key questions you should ask your telematics provider. Download this FREE whitepaper from Geotab HERE.